Dakota Miles

Freelance Web/App Developer and Computer Science Student. Heavily interested in technology on both the hardware and software side.


FreeSpvce Website

WordPress website with articles, shop, contact form, and multiple social integrations.

Maintained since 2017.

UnlimitedSudz Website

One-Page site with contact form and Facebook Messenger integration. Built originally with a website builder and further customized by myself using vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Built for client.

Maintained since 2020.

Jarvis Calendar Website

Landing page built to accompany mobile app built on Gatsby, a React-based framework. Features multiple transitions and interactive elements.

Maintained since 2021.

WMM Media

Multi-page media site with image gallery and embed video carousel built on Gatsby. Includes page transitions and interactive elements. Built by request.

Maintained since 2022.

Mobile Apps

Jarvis Calendar App
Jarvis Calendar

Full mobile app built in Java and then Flutter for Android with Google Play Billing integrated.

Maintained since 2019.

Get in Touch

Open to communication about projects or new opportunities.

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